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The current version of whois email extractor is capable of retrieving email addresses of domain name administrators or owners indicated in the whois database (*)
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When the search is completed, and the report is prepared, you will receive an email with the codes to access to this report and thus, access to mails extract from the whois.
Our robot will help you to extract the list of domain owners' contact e-mails and other data from WHOIS databases very easily.

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whois lookupRESULTS (emails) :

(*) WHOIS database (whois lookup)

WHOIS is a special protocol that queries information about the owners of website, and contains the informations (name/email/telephone/...), of different contacts (the owner or the company, the responsible for administrating and billing issues or solving technical problems, the registration Service Provider)

For example, searching WHOIS data for www.groupon.com gives you the results:
Groupon, Inc.
Systems Administrator
600 W. Chicago Ave Suite 620
Chicago, IL 60654
Phone: +1.xxxxxxx
Email: xxxxxxxxx